I am a qualified integrative psychotherapist registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy, which represents those psychotherapists in the UK who have completed further training.  I work in private practice at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton. I am a member of the British Psychological Society. Previously I have worked in the NHS as a psychological therapist and in n NHS research department developing new talking therapies for people with serious mental health issues and working towards registration as a HCPC Counselling Psychologist and a UKCP Integrative Psychotherapist.


We can all face times when we feel stuck, in despair or overwhelmed. And I believe that the therapeutic relationship can harness the body/mind’s profound ability to self-heal. It can help bring awareness to the way the brain behaves under stress and in response to trauma. In therapy, self-awareness and self-compassion are essential to the healing process, as is ‘detoxing’ from shame. I believe that even in the most stuck of places there lies the seed of transformation.

A guiding principle for my work is that a safe space and a trusting relationship is the crucible for this transformation. I know myself that it takes courage indeed to look at the parts of ourselves that we most fear; but the counselling process supports the client to work at their own pace.

Common issues I work with include: childhood abuse and trauma, loss and bereavement, attachment and relationships, including the modern ‘blended’ family, difficulties with intimacy and problematic ways of relating to others and ourselves. I also work with issues relating to loss of meaning and identity during life stage transitions. I hold an anti-discriminatory stance, and am open to difference in all its manifestations. I am LGBTIQ+ positive, and offer affirmative counselling for trans and gender non-conforming people.